Our Pinspired Bathroom

Our Pinspired Bathroom is my favorite room in our home. My soaking tub is the best part of the room, and was inspired by this photo found on Pinterest.

Pinned from TraditionalHome.com (link is no longer valid though)

Pinned from TraditionalHome.com (link is no longer valid though)

I fell in love with everything about this tub. The paneling on the front, the shelves on either side of the tub which is centered under a window. Everything.

In our old house there was no window in the bathroom, it was in the walk in closet (really??). So when we revised the floorplan we combined the original bathroom and closet space into a bigger master bathroom. (Do not worry.. I still have a walk-in closet!) This allowed me to center the tub under the window. And here is my tub!

Pinspired Bathroom

Soaking tub from Lifeonbirchst.com

Of course, I am not able to get a pic straight on as I do not have a wide angle lens on my camera. Here is a view from the other side of the bathroom though.

Pinspired Bathroom

Soaking tub from Lifeonbirchst.com

There are a couple of differences with my tub surround, I have a larger deck (not really planned, but it works!) and I have subway tile on the deck with a sparkly mosaic accent trim. This trim is also in the shower. I am thinking about getting one of the big birdcages from Hobby Lobby for the empty shelf on the left side.

The rest of the bathroom is pretty traditional. Double vanity, though we framed the mirror and bought the vanity lights ourselves. We are not a fan of the builder vanity lights.

Master Bathroom at Lifeonbirchst.com

Master Bathroom at Lifeonbirchst.com

You can see the larger than usual opening in the mirror. We have french doors going into the bathroom. To the right of the vanity there is a toilet room that needs some pizzazz. I am thinking a fun metallic wallpaper or stencil on the wall across from the doorway.

Master Bathroom at Lifeonbirchst.com

Master Bathroom at Lifeonbirchst.com

Finally we have the shower with a traditional and a rain shower head.

Master Shower at Lifeonbirchst.com

Master Shower at Lifeonbirchst.com

I absolutely love how our Pinspired Bathroom came out. The only irritant is that hair (mine, the dogs, the cats etc) seem to show up so much more on white tile!


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  1. Lovely! What a relaxing place to listen to some soothing music and soak in a bubble or epsom salt bath. :) Love that chandelier above the tub!

  2. I’m loving this bathroom…and your blog. I’m going to follow along and catch up. I love a good make-over and for someone that likes befores and afters…I’ll enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. OH MY! I love the sparkly mosaic tile! I love the chandelier! I just love it all! I am grabbing my towel and robe and heading over! I wish! Gorgeous!

  4. Love your bathroom! Am in the process of choosing materials for a re-do of mine. Is your vanity top marble? I love the look. Also, it looks as if you chose non-white grout for your flooring? I learned my lesson in my old bathroom….it’s nearly impossible to keep white grout white!

    • The vanity is the builder solid surface. I am hoping to upgrade to marble eventually, but we chose to spend more on other areas and save on the vanity’s. And yes, the grout is a light grey ;)

  5. It’s beautiful! I absolutely love the light over the tub!

  6. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I love the clean look of white, but you are right. White tile shows everything! Maybe keep a quick vac handy? Enjoy your beautiful bathroom! :-)

  7. Hi Kelly, thanks so much for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog Little Brags (the Furs and Cowhides post). Just and FYI — I tried to reply to your comment directly but you come up as a non reply blogger (Google glitch). xoxoxo Christine form Little Brags….your blog looks great. Will follow you along.

  8. Oh wow!! It looks amazing! I love it! I’ll bet you smile every time you go in and see your beautiful tub!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, and yes I smile every time I walk in my closet, totally!!

  9. Oh my goodness your bathroom is just gorgeous!!

  10. Gorgeous! What a lovely retreat :) I love your chandelier! Thank you so much for linking up at Thursday STYLE.

  11. Love your bathroom – especially the chandelier and rain shower! And I second Angela’s thanks for linking up at Thursday STYLE!


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